High Yield and Dividend Investing in the News

March 5, 2013 · 0 comments

It’s that time to take inventory of the various news items and developments in the high yield investing and dividend universe.  Here are a few recent stories that caught my attention and my thoughts that follow:

  • Dividend Increases in the News:  There has been a spate of recent dividend increases which is a positive indicator for both the individual stocks and the economy as a whole.  When we start to see dividend cuts, that often precedes a recession and vice-versa.  Here are some companies that have recently increased dividends:  Qualcomm, ScotiaBank, Glencore, Synthos, Standard Charter,
  • New HighYield Investments: Here’s some info on the launch of First Trust’s Long/Short High Yield ETF.
  • Linking a Dividend to a Single Product?  This is one that I haven’t seen before.  Elan has indicated that it will issue a dividend based on the royalty stream it recieves from its blockbuster drug Tysabri.  I’ve never seen a company (outside of royalty trusts, etc) link a dividend payout like this, but here’s the scoop.
  • Dividend Growth Outperforming the Market?  I’ve seen plenty of evidence pointing here before (as well as lower volatility), but here’s an article backing it up with some data.
  • Stocks with 50 Years of Increasing Dividend History – These lists really shrunk during the financial collapse when many companies in the sector had to chop their dividends to preserve capital, but here’s a list of 7 companies that haven’t stopped raising the bar!



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